Kosher Kitchens:

The Torah (known as the Book of Life) focuses on every aspect of Jewish life. One of the great joys of life is the preparation and consumption of food and drink, as well as hospitality to guests. Those of Orthodox Jewish faith take the opportunity when designing a new kitchen to enhance their ability to maintain a kosher kitchen and an “open” home.

Defining what is a kosher kitchen or how to appropriately kasher your kitchen is something that one should address with their Rabbi or other halachic authority. There are interpretations of kosher law that may affect how your new kitchen is designed and these questions are best answered with the learned help of others.

That being said, at Lori Chazan Custom Designs we have both the knowledge and understanding of maintaining a kosher household. Living a “frum” kosher life ourselves, provides us with personal insight into the needs and demands of our Orthodox clientele.